Professional design

  • Ergonomic designs

    Other than international standards, optimum visual range, operators fatigue & equipment layout and other ergonomics factors are strongly considered during our design stage in order to compromise among engineering, health concerns and artificial design, thereby offering a big comfort to our users.

  • Scientific cooling management

    By improving and redesigned the positions of cable outlets on the working bench, effective ventilation and cooling channels are formed, which can largely facilitate air-circulation in the enclosure.

  • Easy reconfiguration and expansion

    Modular-type design which makes convenience in the initial site planning and layouts as well as subsequent modification, transformation and expansion.

  • Door stability device

    Such device is installed on the door corner to reduce the loading of door hinge, so as to avoid the door being slanted, caused by the wear-out of the door hinge when the door is opened frequently.

  • Visual aesthetics

    The streamlined artistic design and the seamless connection with all modules have given a sense of nature. Meanwhile, a variety of models and colors have shown a vast sense of artistic aesthetics. The integrated design of products and environment creates a practical, stylish, yet dreamlike work space.

  • Convenient cable management

    By equipping smart cabling channels, maintenance and equipment management in the later stage will be more convenient. Meanwhile, the horizontal cable tray is provided to facilitate cable management effectively.

  • User-friendly functional facilities 

    Components such as function cabinet, phone tray and tool containers are equipped to provide convenience to the staff when putting some necessary items on the consoles. It achieves the perfect match in between design and usage.