Custom-made design

从理解场地环境 - 理解系统计划 - 以人机工程学视角 - 以功能、时尚个性款式设计 - 合理用材 - 最终达致一个完美的形象工程。 优化环境布局设计, 美化环境空间、符合系统设计需要。遵循人机工程学理念, 创造良好的人机互动关系, 从而提高工作效率, 减少疲劳。 照彰高度重视新产品的研发, 对于每一款产品都要经过反复的论证和调研。

More to meet customer needs

With many years of service experience, Zhaozhang can provide personalized customized services according to the needs of customers in different industries. The needs and ideas of each customer are perfectly realized after careful demonstration and design. In many past service cases, there are many examples that are unique to customers and have applied for patent protection.

More humane

The cabinets, consoles, TV walls and other series of products that are honored strictly abide by the principles of ergonomics everywhere, and take into account the actual use experience of users, so that people, machines, and the environment can be developed in an all-round and harmonious manner.

More innovative and higher quality

Innovation does not follow the trend. We always adhere to independent research and development, and find the best balance between economy, environmental protection and high quality, in order to make every product branded with characteristics and quality.